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On-Premises Staffing

Our systems, solutions, and people seamlessly blend with yours to maximize the return on your workforce expenditure. Our on-site managers work hand-in-hand with our associates and our clients for continuous improvement and to eliminate co-employment risk.

We customize each program and employ a dedicated team to manage our unique, “Transition Made Easy” implementation process.

Benefit from:

  1. Professional On-Site Managers who possess hands-on industry supervisory experience.
  2. A dedicated Transition Team to work with your team through implementation.
  3. Technically advanced Biometric Time Keeping Systems providing an array of labor reports.
  4. ParaStats web-based report, library tracking order fulfillment, turnover, absenteeism, risk management and labor costs.
  5. The Paramount exclusive “Guaranteed Fill Rate Program.”
  6. Customized orientation manual covering all aspects of your program.